Atlanta Millennials Included in Long-Term Regional Planning

ARC_100215The Atlanta Regional Commission has spent the past eight months working with a unique group of people on a the commission’s long-term planning process for future development.

Young adults from 10 counties around the region ─ Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry and Rockdale ─ were divided into eight teams and tasked with developing pitches for eight different policy issues related to future planning for metro Atlanta.

The executive director of the Atlanta Regional Commission, Douglas Hooker said it’s important to hear from millennials.

“It was very clear to me that we’re making plans for a 20 or 25 year future for our community, but the people who are going to be the adults and the leadership roles in the community typically aren’t at the table because they’re early in their careers and some of them are still in school,” Hooker said during an interview on “Closer Look.”

“We felt it was critically important to get more of their vision for the community that they want to grow into as a way of being able to help steer the growth and development of the community as they get older as a way of being committed to living here and growing here and helping the region address its challenges as they grow older,” he added.

Hooker said he was impressed with the ideas the young team members brought to the table and that the ARC has plans to use some of those ideas.

Two of the millennial team members, who worked for almost a year with the ARC to develop ideas for long-term planning in Atlanta, Bee Nguyen and Nicholas Juliano, joined “Closer Look” to discuss their part in the project.

Nguyen worked with the Millennial Advisory Panel group that focused on improving the region’s education system, specifically the disparities in the quality of education at low income schools compared to schools with more resources.

Nicholas’ group focused on improving the region’s transit system and even launched a website called Advance Atlanta.