Red Bike Program Kicks Off In Cincinnati

Red bikeSo what is Red Bike? It’s a bike sharing program and they can be found at one of the 30 or so stations in downtown, Over-The-Rhine and uptown Cincinnati.

The program has been successful in other cities as a way for people to make short, point-to-point trips without using their car and searching for a place to park.

The bikes are meant to be shared not rented so people can use them for 60 minutes at a time before they have to dock them at another station. That’s so they will be available for other riders. If people use them for more than an hour at a time, there is a $4 fee for every half hour.

There’s an app people can download to their phone that lets them know where bikes are currently available. If a person doesn’t bring the bike back, there will be a $1200 fee on their credit card.

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