Next Stop: Zero-Emission Buses

toyota-fuel-cell-busToyota’s drive to a hydrogen future continues with upcoming real-world testing in Tokyo for its fuel-cell bus.

The public transport people-carrier is based on a Hino bus with a standard hybrid system refitted with a hydrogen fuel-cell setup derived from the one in the Toyota Mirai. Hino is a subsidiary of Toyota

Eight hydrogen tanks supply two fuel cell stacks that juice up a nickel-metal hydride battery. That battery powers two AC synchronous motors, each one good for 147 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque. Toyota focused on upping the output of the powertrain for the 77-person-capacity bus.

There will be two phases to the testing, the first being hauling folks on established bus routes around central Tokyo and the waterfront area from July 24-30. For one of those days the bus will be used for the second phase, a vehicle-to-home test that will gauge the stack’s viability as an external power source when the municipal power grid goes down.

Look for it if you’re in Tokyo and grab a ride on one of our possible futures. There’s a press release below with more info.

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