How About a Crosswalk Light that Dances?

The makers of this gyrating Do Not Cross signal say it reduces jaywalking by 81%.

The automaker Smart (of teensy e-car fame) claims it has found a way to make 81% of pedestrians obey traffic signals. The trick: Make the “Do Not Cross” man gyrate, lead_largeswing, and pump his arms like he was auditioning for Saturday Night Fever.

The company carried out the experiment in public safety this summer in Lisbon. They first erected a mini-theater in a public square that allowed one person in at a time. Once inside, people were blasted with music and encouraged to cut their best rug. Motion-capturing cameras then translated their frenetic dancing in real time to the crosswalk signal, bringing amusement to many… save for this elderly, bemused gent:

Take a look:

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