Announcement to Our Clients

Heather Alhadeff and Center Forward – A land use and transportation consultancy

As the founder and president of Center Forward, I have an exciting announcement. I have joined the City of Atlanta to lead the coordination of transportation policies with various City initiatives at a time of enormous change and opportunity for the South’s leading metropolis and my hometown.

To the customers and supporters of Center Forward, the land use and transportation consultancy I founded in December 2012, I want to let you know we will continue work in two primary areas: Planning tools and training curricula. In the past we developed innovative design materials that help communities, developers and city officials weigh the pros and cons of development, land use and transportation solutions. These visual aids will still be available going forward and we have the capacity to continue developing these tools.

We also will continue our “Art + Planning” curricula that merges creative people and ideas with planning efforts. I’m thrilled the curricula have proven helpful in getting artists, communities and those in the development industry to coalesce around best outcomes.

Center Forward is excited to continue offering the language and visuals for people to become more involved in city-making efforts.

With appreciation,

Heather Alhadeff